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Saltwater has been used for centuries to treat many diseases. In ancient Greece, for example, saltwater baths were often used for problem skin, rheumatic pain and muscular problems.

Whether you want to eliminate muscle pain, relax or temper diseases, saltwater baths are a blessing for the body. The skin will absorb minerals such as magnesium and potassium to remove toxins and balance the entire body. 

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Saltwater Therapy

Saltwater has been used since ancient times to help alleviate and cure many ailments. 

*Saltwater Therapy

*Dry Salt Rooms

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Minerals that are found in saltwater help to keep skin smooth and appear youthful-looking. have skin smooth more young.


Salt removes impurities from the surface and balances the level of hydration. Like it, salt baths are recommended and in the case of patients with psoriasis. They are great for skin to dry or acne and affect antifungal, even for the nails.


Physiotherapy in saltwater is least painful because the movements are made slightly due to the effect of the muscle relaxant on muscles with changes of tone.


With both, the salt concentration in the water is high, with both the force of the hydrostatic of pushing the top of the body is high. Thus, the effort is reduced to a minimum and exercises physical therapy are easy to kick.


People with various breathing problems, such as asthma, are advised by doctors to go to the sea or take baths in water salted for the inhale vapours formed.


They help to eliminate toxins and releases ways respiratory. Cough, hoarseness and breathing shortened are problems that water salty can solve. 

A world full of benefits


The salt we use in all our treatments and in our saltwater pools comes from the therapeutical salt mines in Praid, Transylvania.

Our salt is 100% organic, unprocessed salt, free of chemicals. 


Salt Cave Paradise takes your health very seriously and we want you to experience the health you deserve. We will work with you to provide the best service and get you back to optimum health.

Always consult your doctor before attending Salt Cave Paradise if you are suffering from a major health issue. 

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