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Sea Salt



Dear customers,


We would like to inform you of the mandatory internal regulations for using the Salt Water Therapy & Relaxation Centre services at Salt Cave Paradise. In case of non-compliance with the Regulations, our unit does not assume any responsibility and you cannot claim compensation for the damages caused by the client.


Our centre reserves the right to refuse entry to customers.


  • Please make sure to bring a swimsuit, towel, flip flops/sliders to your appointment at Salt Cave Paradise. 

  • To enter the centre you must pay at the reception or present your membership card

  • The price list, as well as the operating hours, are displayed at the entrance.

  • To avoid accidents, please follow the instructions of the staff 

  • For the safety of the clients, the premises of the centre is video-surveilled.

  • In exceptional cases of technical issues, the management of the centre may change the program displayed at the entrance.

  • Access to Salt Cave Paradise will be made only through the main entrance, where the reception office is located;

  • From the reception office, people will be directed to the locker rooms for the change in the appropriate equipment.


  • Every session in the centre is one hour long; If you want to stay longer, please inform the staff and pay an extra fee. 

  • Please arrive 10 minutes earlier than your allotted time to change and store your belongings in the lockers.

  • The last entrance to the centre is one hour before closing.


  • Please make sure to shave the day before arriving at Salt Cave Paradise as the salt pools can cause irritation on newly shaved skin.

  • ​All participants are forbidden from jumping in the water

  • Children over  16 to 18 years of age need to be supervised by an adult.

  • Pay attention to the humidity in the area of ​​pools, showers and saunas. There is a danger of slipping! We do not take responsibility for accidents caused by slipping.

  • Reckless running and games on the edge of the pools are not allowed.

  • It is forbidden to push people on the edge of the pool into the water. We do not take responsibility for any accidents or health problems caused by these reasons.

  • It is forbidden to use obscene, indecent, violent language or behaviour that affects customers or our staffs comfort and physical integrity.

  • People suffering from open wounds, Heart-related health issues, conjunctivitis, epilepsy, infectious-contagious diseases, high blood pressure will not be admitted to the pool area.

  • Hidden, undeclared health conditions are not the centre and its management responsibility.

  • It is forbidden to enter the access halls or the swimming pool area with street shoes.

  • It is strictly forbidden to introduce and consume food and alcoholic beverages inside the centre.

  • It is forbidden to access the centre of persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • It is forbidden to urinate in pool water or in saunas.

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