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Get all the health benefits from the best salt mines in the world, back here, in Ireland

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The sea is not the only source of salt humanity has ever used. Eastern Europe has always been a reliable source of high-quality salt extracted from mines that are hundreds of meters below ground. In fact, the rock salt (also known as halite) from Transylvanian salt mines is considered the best-quality salt there is. That’s why, to make our salt rooms, we visited Praid, the Transylvanian village famous for its salt and used it to inspire our halotherapy treatments. 

Our Process..

  • We mount our salt rooms with an organic adhesive that we crafted and refined ourselves

  • Using the adhesive, we mount our salt rooms with patented salt tiles with the highest quality of unprocessed and natural salt, from salt mines in Praid and Dej, Romania

  • As per specifications from our professional salt extractor, the salt we use is composed of a minimum of 97% Sodium Chloride (NaCl), the rest being natural, insoluble and non-harmful elements

  • The humidity of our salt is maintained at a maximum of 2%, for its natural properties to optimally take effect

  • A ventilation system helps create and maintain the saline environment we need

  • Based on scientific and mathematical calculations from specialists in the Praid Salt Mine,  we confirm that the air in our Salt Cave is 3% natural saline, which is ideal for halotherapy

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More than Halotherapy..

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Salt Cave Halotherapy is more than just a place to avail of halotherapy’s natural and health-improving properties. Here at Salt Cave Halotherapy, we have created relaxing treatments and spaces to meet your wellbeing needs. Our unit in Balbriggan is the largest artificial salt cave in Ireland. Our premiere salt rooms are purposefully designed to avoid feelings of claustrophobia and to cater to different ages. We have two separate spaces: a medium-sized room built exclusively for adults, and a large room designed especially for children. 

Why us?

At Salt Cave Halotherapy, we refuse to use artificially ventilated aerosol salt or electronically grinded salt. We do not process our natural salt. Instead, we replicate the exact palliative conditions found in Eastern European salt caves by personally sourcing raw salt, directly from salt mines in Praid and Dej, Romania.  To mount this salt, we have also developed a 100% natural and patented adhesive, which enables our salt to release its organic properties.

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Adults room

Disconnect from the outside world for 50 minutes as you breathe in the rich benefits of our salt. Relax in our massage chairs, while listening to calming music and the soft gurgle of our water fountain.


  • Luxurious salt room with medicinal grade salt

  • Ambient lighting

  • Real water fountain

  • Nature themed music on flat screen TV

  • Optional medicinal and aromatic salt sachets for your chest 

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Family room

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Enjoy 50 minutes of salt’s health benefits with the children, where they can play, learn and socialise in a healthy, controlled environment. 


Since we want everyone to be safe, we ask that all children below 12 years of age are supervised by an adult. At Salt Cave Halotherapy, we value the efforts you make to expose children to salt’s health-improving properties. We don’t think it’s fair that guardians supervising their children should miss the chance to relax, so our children’s room includes three adult VidaXL massage chairs.  


Note: At present our projector is in the process of being replaced. Thank you for your patience.


  • Luxurious salt room with ambient lighting

  •  For our younger children, the room is fitted with a magic floor that supports over 120 interactive and educational games;

  • As children play, the salt dust that rises from their movement increases the remedial benefits of our salt;

  • A generous amount of toys.

Adult room
Family room
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