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Enjoy and treat yourself right

Salt Cave Paradise is a modern Salt Water Therapy & Relaxation Centre situated by the sea in the heart of Balbriggan. We have a range of therapeutic options and will revive and rejuvenate you.

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30.000+ customers

Over 600 positive reviews on Google


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Salt Cave Paradise

What you gain from visiting Salt Cave Paradise

There are great psychological and physiological advantages when visiting Salt Cave Paradise. You will feel more energized and healthy after visiting us.

Saltwater Therapy can help relieve pain by the virtue of salt waters therapeutic power.

Saltwater Therapy can help alleviate the painful effects of Arthritis and Rheumatism.

Salt has antiseptic properties which can neutralise the irritants and allergens your skin typically reacts to.

Relaxing your mind in the spa session will help you get better rest and better quality of sleep.

What you'll miss out from not visiting Salt Cave Pradise

The best way to get over stress is to have a few hours of relaxation for yourself. You‘ll find it harder to get over a stressful period without proper relaxation.

Without taking care of your muscles and joints, you cannot enjoy a painless life when moving around.