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Blue Clay Powder

How to use:


  • Dissolve 1 small spoon of clay in 200 ml water mixing with a glass or wood spoon. Drink morning and evening, 30 minutes before meals. 



The blue clay provides minerals to the body, even while it helps to repair the gut and detoxify the system.  The blue clay cleanses the body of toxins and gives energy to cells.


To be used in short-term internal treatment for 21 days, in remineralisations, detox and maintenance of muscle tone, in regulating intestinal transit and restoring the pH of gastric acid. Promotes the elimination of intestinal worms, Helicobacter pylori, restores the bacterial flora affected by antibiotics, as well as the content of potassium and magnesium having beneficial effects in regulating blood pressure.


In rare cases at the beginning of the treatment, some people may experience an increase in the amount of urine, constipation or a slight state of fatigue and nervousness,  that disappears in 3-4 days. Clay treatment is contraindicated for women during the menstrual cycle, as well as pregnant women in the last months of pregnancy. In the case of combination with therapy, the drug is given 2 hours between it and the clay suspension. No milk or milk products will be consumed during the entire internal cure!



Ingredients: organic blue clay

Made in Eu

Quantity: 65g

This sachet quantity is a 1 ts/a day supply for 21 days or 2 ts/day for 10 days 

Blue Clay Powder