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Visiting Ireland?

Saltwater & Relaxation

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This Saint Patrick's Day, immerse yourself in pure bliss at Salt Cave Paradise with our exclusive offers. Surprise and delight with our versatile vouchers, offering the freedom to choose their perfect pampering experience.

Jacuzzi Rooftop Area Private Sessions

Jacuzzi Saint Patricks Day

This St. Patrick's Day, treat yourself with bliss, featuring a luxurious soak in our hot water jacuzzi, sauna and Nordic Dip Barrels. As a delightful addition, each guest will receive a complimentary drink to enhance the relaxation.  Visit Salt Cave Paradise, changes are you'll have a great time.

Salt Water Sessions

Gift Hampers & Luxurious Organic Products

Improve your physical and mental health by turning salt therapy into a regular habit. We'll help you! Here are some great products we have prepared for you:


Vouchers are the perfect St. Patrick's Day Gift 

As a bonus, these vouchers can now be used not only for our signature offerings but also in our Salt Cave Halotherapy sessions, providing an extra layer of holistic well-being. Give the gift of relaxation and self-care, allowing your loved ones to indulge in a serene escape at Salt Cave Paradise.

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Salt Water Cave Area Sessions

Spoil yourself with our Salt Water Cave Area Experience. Dive into 5 Floating Pools, 2 Salt Beaches with Massage Chairs. Try the Dry Salt Room, the Finnish Sauna, the Infrared Therapy and our lucky Blue Clay Mask.

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